Romanysoft FAQs

Romanysoft FAQs
Question: How does Romanysoft SpeedTest work?
Answer: The SpeedTest runs the test entirely on your desktop. Simply ensure that your computer is connected to the internet either directly via a router with a network cable or via a WiFi network and press the START button on the SpeedTest’s interface. The Romanysoft SpeedTest then establishes a test and measures the actual speed of your broadband connection.

Question: What do the test results of Romanysoft SpeedTest mean?
Answer: The test results for your broadband or wireless network are broken down into four parts: Ping, Download, Upload and Connection. The ping refers to the response delay, which is particularly interesting to gamers. Here, lower values are preferable. The download value tells you how much data your WiFi or broadband connection can move from the World Wide Web to your computer. The upload value indicates how quickly you can transfer files from your computer, which is important to know for those who regularly use cloud services to store files. The connection shows whether the test engine is working properly, and the higher the value, the better.

Question: How to solve SpeedTest freezing issues on my MacBook Pro? 
Hi there, I have just downloaded a copy of SpeedTest for MacBook Pro. I have entered the license code and the program seems to be responding. However when I press the start button, the following information panel opens:
“Starting the test engine service, please wait…”
I have tried leaving this on the screen and waiting for the program to start. I have also pressed the OK button as soon as it appears but nothing seems to be happening. Help required please to cure my problem. I am using the latest version, My MacBook is a 13 inch mid 2012 with 16GB 1600 MHz DDR3 memory and 512GB SSD for storage.  I am also running macOS High Sierra. I hope this helps. Kindest regards.
Follow the steps below to solve the issue:
Step 1: Quit “SpeedTest”.
Step 2: Download the ““.
Step 3: Unzip “” on your disk anywhere, then double click to run “speedtest-recleaner-mac”. If you see “CLEAN SUCCESS!”, the cache is empty.
Step 4: Relaunch “SpeedTest” application, and wait a few seconds, then click “START” button.