iMovie won’t work with Sony ILCE-5100 XAVC S files

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Run into issues working with Sony ILCE-5100 XAVC S footage in iMovie? Depending on your source video specifications, your computer environment and much more, iMovie will have different editing performances. In this tutorial, we explain a way of converting Sony ILCE-5100 XAVC S files to AIC .mov format for editing in Apple iMovie fluidly. It will definitely help users who are having trouble editing Sony ILCE-5100 XAVC S footage in iMovie.

”Hi there, I have a bundle of XAVC S video clips taken with a Sony ILCE-5100. I’d like to create a project in iMovie with them. Unfortunately, iMovie seems not to handle them well from the hard drive that I used to save the footage. The video is so choppy that I can’t use them at all. Does anyone have a similar issue? I’m guessing it’s a computer or iMovie problem? Any ideas? I would really appreciate any help. Thanks in advance.”

The choppy issue happens probably because your model is not included in iMovie supported camera list, or you are using a Mac machine that doesn’t have enough power to handle your Sony ILCE-5100 XAVC S footage. If that’s the case, we would recommend converting the Sony ILCE-5100 XAVC S video to Apple InterMediate Codec first before you start editing in iMovie. Apple InterMediate Codec (AIC) is less hardware intensive than XAVC S (H.264). You don’t need a fancy graphics card and you don’t need a fast computer to edit these transcoded formats. Here is how.

How to convert Sony ILCE-5100 XAVC S footage to iMovie preferred AIC .mov?

To transcode Sony ILCE-5100 XAVC S files to AIC for iMovie editing, do as below:

Step 1: Import source files
With Video Converter for Mac, you can click “Add File” to load video files that you want to convert into this program.

import video files

Step 2: Select output format
Click “Profile” to select “iMovie and Final Cut Express” > “Apple InterMediate Codec(AIC) (*.mov)” as output format. AIC .mov is iMovie’s favorite editing codec, which iMovie will read and handle well.

Select output profile format

If necessary, you can click “Settings” button to modify video and audio parameters like encoder, resolution, frame rate, bitrate, aspect ratio, sample rate, and audio channels. You can also “enable 3D Settings” to add 3D effect to your source media.
Settings for video files

Step 3: Click “Convert” to start Sony ILCE-5100 XAVC S to AIC conversion for iMovie.
As soon as the conversion is complete, click “Open Folder” to get the generated AIC .mov files for editing in iMovie with optimum performance. Hope it helps.

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